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Workshop Details
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Workshop Home Page

After purchase, sign-in to the Workshop Home Page. This is the place where your child will begin their Workshop Experience.

PS: Do not miss the content in the Parent Portal! (More on that below...)

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Your Child's Workshop Experience
8 modules jam-packed with convincing, teen-friendly materials: news stories, videos, scientific research... it's all here! 

Online journal writing helps your child generate beliefs that they own. These journal entries will be emailed to you, the parent!*
*Note: We'll notify your child that their journal entries will be emailed to you.
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The Parent Portal
A treasure trove! Here you can:
  • Preview the entire Workshop
  • Access 5 free bonus items
  • Find outstanding spiritual content to supplement your child's training
  • Access excellent content to supplement the training of more mature kids
  • Discover all of our favorite tools, including our favorite router-level filter, monitoring app, and first phones.
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Acclaimed Bonus Items
  • eBook: Nurturing the Internal Filter®: A Real Plan from a Real Family
  • Workbook Download: My Tech Plan
  • eBook: Story of My Life Experience
  • Look in the Mirror: A mini-module experience for parents
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Parent Emails

Each time your child completes a module, you'll receive an email. Those emails include:

"Chat" prompts on crucial topics that should have been initiated by your teen. Your big job during these chats? Listen like a champ.

Your child's online journal entries: A peek at what they are absorbing from the Workshop.

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How Do They Learn?
Wisdom must be earned, by study and experience.

Your child will consume heart-convincing materials on crucial tech-related topics, and then digest these ideas through journal writing, chats with you, skill practicing, and other experiences.

The target? A potent, down-in-the-heart opinion: A robust Internal Filter® that they will carry with them for a lifetime.
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Pricing includes unlimited, lifetime access to the Workshop for each young person, for the online life of the course.

After purchase of 1 Workshop Seat, discounted pricing for additional seats listed above applies to all future seat purchases