Is it Time?
Power up the Internal Filter® of your child
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6 months access

*After purchase of 1 Workshop Seat, the discounted price of $36 for additional seats is always available for families.
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Purchase includes:
The Workshop

Self-paced online course for kids 12+

Sole purpose? Strengthening the Internal Filter®: your child's desire and ability to choose wisely with tech.


8 Modules jam-packed with over 60 stellar elements. Teen-appealing videos, news reports, research studies, and activities, all wrapped up in an organized, thorough training experience
Topics include Social Media, Gaming, Phone Etiquette, Stillness, developing Life Vision, and the dangers of Pornography and Sexting
Built-in online journal prompts your child to digest what they are learning. These entries are emailed to you with the child's awareness; a golden opportunity to see what they are internalizing!
Progress reports emailed to the parent, including prompts for crucial parent-child chat topics.
Access to parent resources, including advice on first phones, digital filters and monitoring.
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Free Bonus Items
Nurturing the Internal Filter®: A Real Plan from a Real Family

Our family's own tech plan, in one slick ebook. Which phone at what age? Which digital filter? Plus... the powerful mindsets that make for no-fear tech parenting.

50 Chats to Nurture the Internal Filter®

A collection of thought provoking conversation starters to get the wheels turning in your child's mind and heart. What is your child's personal stand on texting while driving? The dangers of porn? How much social media use is too much? These parent-child chats will be touchstone experiences.

Story of My Life Experience
A ebook supplement to the crowning exercise of the Workshop: The "Story of My Life Experience." Your child's priceless opportunity to think deeply about their life dreams and relationship with Heaven. This vision for their own story is pivotal to decision making with screens!
A Look in the Mirror: The Module for Parents
A mini-module for parents. Your key to getting a clearer idea of exactly what your children are learning about tech use from their most powerful mentor: YOU!
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