Gifts that encouraging unplugging
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We bought enough of these for everyone in the family for EPIC indoor family battles. Great times.
For your sports fiend, these are so much fun!
These never get old. But you need a good one!
A fab screen-free hobby.
There's just something about popping your own corn and seasoning it just to you liking. Our teenagers have LOVED this popper, which collapses down for tidy storing. YUMMY. (And here's some popcorn kernels.)
I CANNOT say enough about these gorgeous illustrated versions of the beloved Harry Potter series by artist Jim Kay. They are spectacular. Our youngest son just pours over them. You can get the boxed set of books 1-3 here, book 4 here, and book 5 just came out.
Classics. Our kids have loved these books... packed full of random cool things.
THE. GREATEST. TOY. We've amassed a mountain of these over time, and it may be the one plaything that hooks everyone from the youngest to the oldest child in fabulous, collaborative, creative play. Totally worth any parental foot pain. =) Here's a bigger set. 
These blocks are the coolest! Might seem strange to buy a set of uniform wooden blocks, but the laser-cut precision of these babies makes the possibilities for huge, elaborate building projects a riot. We snagged a bucket of army guys, and our kids set up all sorts of cool fort battles. I've loved these things enough to buy several sets. (Here's a bigger set if you can swing it.)
These are just awesome. Another building set that even my teens still get a kick out of.
Another one we love to see our kids play together.
We love this set! Lots of night games in our backyard with this one.
A true craze. Our teens tote this thing everywhere for pickup games.
Our kids love zipping around on these!
Have you seen these?! Mesmerizing marble run set with endless possibilities. Very cool.
For your artistic souls- love these kind of screen free projects.
Our daughter loves this combo for journaling and doodling. 
Such a relaxing way to unplug.
A lovely introduction to watercolor painting.
Another fun little intro to watercolors, with a tear-off palette right on the page.
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